BioWare, the father of great games like the Mass Effect Series, has announced one of the most exciting Sci-Fi titles of 2018. With the date finally confirmed, however, will it be able to take a bite out of the long-awaited Destiny 2? Here's an inside look to find out.

Destiny 2 & It's Release Date

Destiny 2 has long been rumored as the game that the series should have always been. After taking some of the initial ideas and revamping them, we have a game that is shaping up to be better than the first. However, this does not excuse where we left off in the series. Aside from the paid and extended DLC, Destiny proved to be an anemic title. Activision boasted a huge budget for the game and a development time of over ten years to complete. Then we began believing the hype. With only a few hours in the core game, we could tell that Activision and Bungie purposely skimmed down the original content to sell us on its DLC model. This ended up leaving us feeling somewhat duped and betrayed. As a result, no number of flashy unlocks, mechanics, and armor could bring us back.

The same holds true today; some gamers are going to skip Destiny 2 because they never felt truly invested in the first Destiny. I for one cannot blame them. I may not be a part of the Destiny 2 hype train, but I am hoping for the sake of redemption that Destiny 2 is better than the first. Destiny 2 is promising fixes to some of the core gameplay and better team based elements. You can grab your copy for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on September 6, 2017. That is if you’re okay with knowing the DLC will never end. Pre-orders are also available now on Amazon.

What Is Anthem?

Anthem is the latest and greatest experience in the Sci-fi genre offered by developer BioWare. It is an open world, mass multiplayer, RPG experience that is sure to push the boundaries of the multiplayer experience. Anthem takes place in the distant future where humans are forced from the top of the food chain and must take back the Earth. This is done by surveying and eradicating the hostile populations now found in the surface world. Anthem revolves around a central theme of gameplay. The player must take hold of Javelins, a sort of exo-suit that allows humans to reach the full potential of their evolution.  These exo-suits are fitted with an array of weaponry and a jetpack to help you accomplish your goals. Not to mention, the multiplayer aspect of the game allows you to bring a squad along (team of 4), to aid you on your perilous journey. This is done via seamless drop-in coop during open world exploration. No longer will you need to be in the same lobby to spawn with your team. You can now see who is online, request to join, and drop in. It is a unique and refreshing solution to a frustrating problem other games face.

Players can group up with friends to explore the world of Anthem.


Anthem is an all-in-one immersive experience. Migrating RPG elements like weapon upgrades, character creation, and leveling up, should create endless hours of exploration and reward. Different Javelins can also be equipped with various character types. As we can see from the release teaser, there seems to be a class based system in place. Also, weapons seem to follow this same basis. For an assault based character, assault weapons are respectively used. For the tank class, tank weapons are available. These weapons also seem to follow a similar loot and drop system similar to what we've seen in Destiny. Lets just all agree that the system in Destiny required a lot of grinding. Let's hope that this time, Anthem is a little different.

There does seem to be a lot to explore here. BioWare appears to be pointing at a more open level of exploration. Gone are the days of selecting the planet to explore from your ship. Let's all hope that those loading screens are much shorter as well. The world of Anthem looks promising. From dazzling landscapes to open jungle, the hostile lifeforms wait to ambush you from beyond the visible tree line. The game seems evenly paced with moments of fast action. The excitement level is increased when a teammate joins in on the action. Communication will also most likely prove to be a vital part of the game. In moments of calm, I’m sure the group will be excited to join in on the RPG aspects of the game. This can definitely encourage more detailed exploration, instead of grinding mission after mission. I think that prolonging the lifespan of the game is key here. Hidden items, embedded lore, and some easter eggs can go a long way. Hopefully, developers have learned from Destiny's mistakes and will make a game worth playing. If that's done properly not all of the DLC will be perceived as worthless content.

Drawbacks of BioWare

Like previously stated, BioWare is the king of Sci-Fi RPGs. However, there have been more than a few mistakes on their part. They are not without fault for some major hiccups in the last few years. With the launch of the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda, we saw that great franchises without a dedicated path would fail. The botched ending of Mass Effect 3, was more than enough to make gamer’s everywhere cry out with frustration. A dwindling dedicated fan base hasn’t made the transition past Mass Effect 2. BioWare has also made some mistakes in other RPG franchises. However, we won't cover them today. Just remember the horrors that were Dragon Age: Inquisition, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Shadow Realms. We need BioWare to do what it does best which is making games that matter.

Will It Succeed?

Given the terrible track record that both Activision and BioWare have we need to take every new IP with a grain of salt no matter how great it looks. Fortunately, I am leaning on the side of optimism and hope. BioWare still has an active track record in my book. I am really hoping that this game will be the one to end the hold that Destiny has on the genre finally. I think with all the newest features including the exciting drop-in multiplayer, we could have a real winner on our hands. I believe that Anthem has tried enough to be distinguishable enough from Destiny that it will not make the same mistakes. BioWare is even promising that the solo experience will also be great. So for those who enjoy traditional RPGs, the experience will be great for you too.

What do you think of Anthem? Check out the teaser release trailer and respond in the comments. Also, If you’re interested, Anthem is available for pre-order here.

Side Note:

I was very excited for the launch of Destiny, a move that Activision made me regret right away. However, I'll be sure to be there when Destiny 2 launches this year to let you know with certainty if it is worth your time.

Anthem Teaser Trailer