SGN's History and mission


The founder

Back in the summer of 2014, a gamer by the name of KeenStrife began his journey as a content creator by officially starting to upload videos to his YouTube channel. He began with a mixture of solo and group content ranging from single-player let’s plays to spontaneous gaming sessions with friends. As he uploaded more and more videos, he gained more and more subscribers. As time went on he became better at video editing and gained more experience with general content creation.

However, having almost reached his goal of 1,500 subscribers, he began to feel unhappy with his YouTube channel. He saw that his views kept increasing, and so did his subscriber count, but overall he felt that he lacked a general sense of community. Not just a community that formed around his own content, but a community he specifically created to reach more people and bring those people together around common interests. From his time as a content creator on YouTube, he noticed little to no platforms and groups where fellow content creators could find others to collaborate and partner with. The ones that he did find required the content creators to have large followings and preexisting fan bases in order to join. As a small and relatively new content creator, he knew someone like himself would probably never be able to join something like that, at least not anytime soon. From his time on YouTube, he met other content creators that had a similar desire for a community where they could collaborate with others and meet new people to network with. After getting to a point of being burned out with his own content and wanting to see a content creator community form, he decided to take a break from his YouTube channel to begin a big endeavor towards making his and other’s dreams a reality.


The beginning

He originally started off hoping to try and get a well-established streamer to join the cause and help support the idea. However, after a couple months of unsuccessfully recruiting a streamer and things going south, he decided to split away from that group and take some like minded people with him to head in a different direction. After things went in an undesired way with the original idea, he decided to officially start things with the core group he already had.

On September 7th, 2016, the Scrub Gaming Network officially launched and was founded. The central hub and communication center for SGN was the new and growing platform of Discord. While having a solid starting base of around twenty members, growth was slow at the beginning. As time went on, however, SGN has bolstered up to around a solid seventy members. SGN continues to push onwards towards their goal of one hundred members while at the same time keeping true to their original founding belief. That belief being that when it comes to membership, quality is always more important than quantity.


Running a Network

To this day, KeenStrife successfully runs and manages the Scrub Gaming Network. Things haven’t always been easy for him, but he’s always held his ground through all the different storms and has become stronger because of it all. From the beginning and founding of SGN to now, he knew it would definitely be a challenge running a network and community of people. While holding onto his own morals and ideals, he knew others wouldn’t always agree with everything. However, he at the same time always wanted to make sure people could freely discuss their opinions openly about a topic, no matter how controversial it might be. When working with a large group of diverse people coming from different backgrounds, you always need to keep an open mind about things while at the same time not compromising your own beliefs. From his own experiences with different organizations and networks, he knew that would be a difficult task but none the less possible to do. From the time when he started SGN, there have been instances where not everyone agreed about a situation, but for the most part, he and others were able to come back together over mutual ideas and general beliefs.

SGN continues to grow by the day and work towards their founding goal of creating an awesome network where content creators and gamers alike can come together and form a wide spanning network that’ll last for years to come.